Best Reasons to Buy Wooden Puzzles

Learn the reasons why you must purchase a wooden puzzle rather than another kind of toy. 


1. By using a wooden dice tower, you are helping to reduce the nation’s dependence on oil. Plastic comes from oil, so instead of having to have millions of plastic toys, buy a wooden toy, and we can begin to move away from being an oil-dependent nation.

wooden dice tower


2. Wood is a renewable resource! Unlike fossil fuels (where the plastic comes from), wood can always be renewed. Wood toy companies make it their top priority to replenish the sources they use because they realize that these trees belong to the Earth more than anyone else. When you use a plastic toy, the Earth is robbed of that fossil fuel forever. But with wood, future generations will have trees to love.


3. Wooden Puzzles are getting children excited for subjects such as math. No kid wants to sit around memorizing math tables or reading thick textbooks, trying to understand some complicated theory behind algebra. Children want games! Children want fun! Wooden math puzzles make math fun! What better friend could parents and teachers ask for? A tool that makes kids smile and laughs while learning math.


4. Wooden brain teasers make buying gifts more comfortable than ever. Who here hasn’t stressed about their annual Secret Santa? There is only one criterion when determining if someone will enjoy a brain teaser, and that is if they have a brain! Anyone with a brain, big or small, would love a brain teaser. So instead of buying spy kits to try and figure out what your person may like, get them an awesome puzzle! That way you can spend more time on making money for your company instead of looking for gifts for your colleagues.


5. By having your children play wooden games, your children won’t be watching violent action games and getting the impression that they can jump out of a moving train at 100 mph, dodging hundreds of bullets, and crash three stories without a broken bone.


6. Grandma and Grandpa will remember you longer. Brain games have been proven to help fight off deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s. Brain puzzles are like little brain gyms that put grandma’s neurons on treadmills.


7. Wooden dice tower are saving families! Instead of dad on the TV in the living room, mom on the phone in the kitchen, the son is killing ninjas on his video game console, and daughter is instant messaging in her bedroom, now everyone is together and laughing and interacting through family puzzles. 


8. Wooden puzzles, especially brain teasers, is excellent at making the mind sharp. Just like granny needs a brain gym, so does everyone else. Wooden brain games teaches essential skills such as problem solving, logic, and hand and eye coordination. It also teaches visual and memorization skills for necessary trial and error strategies.


9. Wooden games promote confidence. Anyone can mash buttons on a video game, but completing a tricky game or a neuron bending brain teaser is a real feat. We want to see happy, confident children, adults, and seniors. The feel-good feeling of completing a wooden puzzle cannot be replicated with a video game or a text message. Everyone should be able to feel great from completing a tricky brain teaser.


10. Finally, and this is the most critical, wooden puzzles are fun. Believe it or not, but in the 21st century, a wooden game can be super fun. Wooden puzzles do not have to be reserved for the 18th century. In fact, wooden games can be much more fun than modern technology. Whether it’s playing a wooden puzzle before bed or at your desk instead of working, wooden puzzles are super fun. They are challenging and rewarding. If there is one thing wood companies work on, its fun factor. At the very least, give it a try. If not, you can always go back permanently to video games and TV.