Job Opportunity: Newspaper Delivery Driver

During these tough economic times people are picking up second jobs as a way to make ends meet. One such job is delivering newspapers for the local newspaper. The pay is not going to be much but you will be able to receive tips. One advantage of this job is the fact that customers mail their payments in. Years ago the newspaper carrier had to go door to door to collect payments. That practice has been discontinued.

Morning hours

To deliver newspapers you will have to sacrifice and get up pretty early in the morning. Some drivers are up as early as 3:00 am but the good news is you can finish your route pretty fast and still have time to make it in to work your regular job. There are only morning hours so the rest of your day is available for you to do as you please. On Sunday’s you won’t be required to rise so early in the morning, nevertheless it is still early.


There is always the risk of delivering papers to an unsafe neighborhood. There is the chance that you could be assaulted or robbed. A lot of criminal activities take place during the morning hours.


You will more than likely have to use your own car when you make pick ups and deliveries. This will put a lot of mileage along with wear and tear on your car. Your expense for gas could be substantial depending on how much driving you do. Your car maintenance expenses will more than likely increase over time. There is always the chance that you could have an accident. The good news is during the early morning hours there is less traffic therefore the likelihood of having an accident decreases.


Your route could take you to different places to drop off papers such as coffee shops, and paper vending machines. Even though there could be a variety of locations you will get accustomed and adjusted to your route after two or three weeks. If you are looking for a delivery job in your area do an internet search for newspaper delivery driver and see what turns up.


The rate of pay could depend on the number of papers you deliver or it could be hourly. Make sure it’s a method of payment that’s comfortable for you. If you have a larger route you have a better chance of making more money. More customers’ means more tips.


Driving in harsh weather can really become unbearable. If there are icy roads and snow you will have to deal with some hazardous driving conditions.

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